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  • National Gallery, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 

  • New Beginings, Navroz Arts Fiesta, Ismaili Jamat Khana, DSM, Tanzania 

  • This will resonate with you, Colosseum Hotel, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania





  • StART, Satchi Art Gallery, London

  • Artwork selected for coronation of Their Majesties, King Charles (III) & Queen Camilla. 

  • Shortlisted for Hyundai Award for excellence in creativity & sustainability. 

  • THUMB2, Ladder Space, Copenhagen 

  • Death of the Spectacle, Richmond University, London

  • Inspirations from the otherworldly, The College of Psychic Studies, London 

  • Finalist , Genesis by Caravan (USA), New York

  • MA Degree Show, Royal College of Art, The Truman Brewery , London

  • Cultivate, Environmental Sustainability Exhibition, Royal College of Art, UK. 

  • We Are Drowning in Plastic, Solo Exhibition, Colosseum Hotel, Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania 

  • Looking Within, Commission for Colosseum Gym, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 





  • We Can’t Stop Caring, Solo Exhibition, Colosseum Hotel, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 

  • RAW, Soho Revue, UK.

  • Inspirations from Dreams & Visions, The College of Psychic Studies, London 

  • An Ode to Women, Rangi Art Gallery, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

  • WIP exhibition, Royal College of Art, UK

  • London Contemporary Art Fair




  • Venice International Art Fair

  • EASTD East Africa Art Biennale Association

  • Does it resonate with you?,, Jaffer Modern, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Art Lives Matter,, Zeitz Mocca, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Union in Diversity, MAKD/Kinetic Design, Paris, France

  • A Gathering, 2020, Jaffer Modern, Cape Town, South Africa

  • SASA 2020, Cape Town, South Africa 

  • Belgian Embassy 2020, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 

  • Fan Art Series Commission for Century Cinemax, Sarit Centre, Kenya (2019)

  • Spring Exhibition 2019,Ruth Prowse, Cape Town, South Africa

  • SASA 2019, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Fan Art Series Commission for Century Cinemax, Northgate Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa (2019)

  • Colosseum Hotel, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 

  • Commission for Maaya restaurant, Cape Town, South Africa 

  • Commission for VIB Hotel, Cape Town South Africa 

  • Commission to design amenities for VIB Hotel, South Africa






  • Royal College of Art, 2023, Degree Show 

  • Shaping Nature While Nature Shapes Us, The Pluralist , Royal College of Art, June 2023

  • Taking Tanzania to the Coronation in Style, Daily News 13th May, 2023, Tanzania.

  • Tanzanian painter whose work decorated King Charles III's coronation. Guardia, May 16, 2023, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

  • Ubinifu wa msaani wa uchoraji ulivyochangia kuitangaza Tanzania, 16 May, 2023,

  • Majira News, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, May, 2023 

  • Tanzanian artist whose work projected on screen during King Charles III coronation, 22nd May, 2023, Tanzania.

  • the.Ismaili, Coronation Issue, (2023)

  • theismailikenya, Coronation Issue, (2023)

  • “Usisahulishe Nyumbani”, Don't Forget Home, Broken Englizh, Royal College of Art (2023)





  • Union in Diversity, The Pluralist, Royal College of Art, 2022

  • Inspirations from Dreams & Visions, College of Psychic Studies, 2022

  • CineBlitz, NBS Television, Uganda

  • Taka za Plastiko zinavyoathiri maisha ya viumbehai, MAARIFA, Tanzania,  2022

  • Why Plastic Bottle Waste Should be a concern to all, Guardian Newspaper, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania_

  • Plastic waste in oceans scares the great life circle, GAURDIAN, Tanzania,2022

  • We are drowning, not swimming again in clean water, CITIZEN, Tanzania, 2022

  • Hatuwezi kuacha kujali, chupa za platiko zinaua bahari, MAKALA, 2022

  • Plastic Bottle is an asset, DAILY NEWS, 2022




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